El Patron – Clothing with an exclusive Colombian touch

El Patron is a premium streetwear brand that strives to incorporate elements of Latin American cartel culture into its clothing to create an original style. Our designs are bold and daring, allowing you to present yourself as a true El Patron (protector).

Our brand embodies the rough style of life and is inspired by several controversial yet well-known personalities of the Medellín Cartel, such as Pablo Escobar (El Patron del mal) and Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin Guzmán, aka El Chapo.

El Patron was born out of a passion for Latin American lifestyle and an interest in fashion. We felt that something authentic and original was missing, so we decided to create our own brand that would bring something new and unique.

In creating our brand, we were inspired by Colombian style and culture, which is full of color and energy, and we wanted to bring that into our products.

At El Patron, we were also inspired by martial arts, which are an integral part of our lifestyle. Our clothing includes elements of martial arts, giving our products a distinctive and unique character.

As a brand, we decided to focus on streetwear because this style is most authentic to us and represents our culture the best. Our products are made from high-quality materials and designed to be comfortable and durable. Our clothing is for those who want to look unique.

At El Patron, we are proud to be inspired by Colombian style. Our brand is for those who want to express their personality and culture.

If you’re looking for something original and authentic, El Patron is here for you.